An Amber Diceless Role Playing PBeM Campaign

by Paul Dickinson.

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The game

This is the homepage for the Puppeteers Amber PBeM (play by e-mail) campaign, based on the great Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny. This is a campaign being run by Paul Dickinson. It is a long term campaign that was started in February '97. If you are interested in playing and you know something about the Amber DRPG system, please send e-mail to Paul Dickinson with the subject "Puppeteers: New Character" and it will be considered. This page is mainly here for the players' benefit and as such features things that will interest them (hopefully!).


The campaign is set just after the Corwin books, Brand was killed about two weeks ago. Finndo just invaded Amber and defeated Benedict with an inferior army. He then bested Benedict, Julian and Gerard in single combat (Julian and Gerard simultaneously). Random abdicated. Most of the PCs were forced to swear alleigance to him, though three, Aldrik, Dargon and Athena mysteriously left before swearing. Before Athena left, she spat at Finndo. Finndo was not impressed, but has vowed to do something unpleasent if he ever sees her again.

The GM: Paul Dickinson

You may mail the GM with comments at

Characters & Players

The original PCs were: Athena, Aldrik, Autumn, Castagir, Dargon, Kyle, Tristan, Delphine and Yarlun. More recent additions are: Yvraik, Balin, Roxane, Dante, Alistar, Theron and Cerberus. Kyle has had to pull out due to other commitments. If there are any others, I apologise profusely and promise to put you on as soon a possible.

Pages of interest

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